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>> "Look," I said to Daniel. "We do the following: You are looking for the house of obtaining, if all beds, fleece blankets and warm pajamas from clothes and take care of us sweets, DVDs and anything else you need to still life, yes? I'm taking care of Leah, and she is determined again very quickly recover. "" What else you need to live ", quoted me this sarcastically. "Since when do you need candy and DVDs to life?"
I gave him a sharp glance.
"Yeah, I'm on my way," muttered Daniel, and made his way up.
I trudged into the kitchen to put on the chamomile tea that I had found in the cupboard under the sink. While the water is boiling before him, I cooked the chicken, the noodles and the spices that we had down here, a chicken soup.
From the part of the room in which we all slept, came a low, pained moaning.
I raced through the room, to Leah and sat at her bedside. "Hey," I muttered softly.
"Bonnie? Is that you? "She croaked.
"Yes, it's me. Do not worry, we'll get you back again already, "I reassured her, and it really got more to myself, as to hers.
"I feel so fucking, Bonnie," My best friend mumbled. "I know," I replied. "I'll bring you your tea and chicken soup, Leah," I whispered, because her eyes were nearly closed again.
I quickly went into the kitchen and let the tea draw, then the chicken soup was already done. Absent-mindedly I put them in a bowl, hot drink in a large cup.
There was no other choice than to speak in this situation with Grandma. Mom and I had to call too! But from above, because otherwise our enemies know where we hid. Of course there was also the question of whether they came in here.
I thought further.
Meanwhile, I had unconsciously moved towards me on the night table next to Daniel and Leah's bed now and put the hot soup and tea on it. I moved as quietly as possible so as not to wake my sick friend.
But she was awake. "Bonavia? Bonnie? "She coughed. My answer was a nod in the deep blackness of the room, but then I remembered that she could not see me. "Yes?" I asked. "Thank you." Affected, I replied: "Again and again." "Will you help me" "Sure," I whispered and pulled her up gently?. Leah groaned.
Then she grabbed the bowl and ate chicken soup on these greedy. Meanwhile I had lit a small light, that they saw something.
Suddenly I was startled together imperceptibly. I could see in the dark! How to cook otherwise I might have offered to move me across the room without falling down? How else could I light the light? So slow, I thought to reveal itself to me some useful gifts.
A halting shuffle pulled me back from my thoughts.
My friend hastily sipped on hot tea and put him off again. "If you take the light again? I sleep now. "" Well, clearly. "" Thank you. And Bonnie? "" Yes? "" You let me die, do you? "" No, never in my life I'll die to leave my best friend. "" And if I want it? "" Even then, no, "I said firmly and uncompromising. Leah sighed. "That's good," she murmured, but the last word her voice broke. Then came a quiet, uncomplaining snoring.
A little reassured by the fact that she felt no pain during sleep, I stroked her arm and stood up. I sat on my bed and dropped me back.
Very unexpectedly, I fell asleep, it was a deep, dreamless sleep, so good, not as early as the last 2 days. And though there are only two days ago was that I had last slept so well, I was so exhausted, as it would have been 2 weeks.
Alarmed, I jumped. Steps. Quiet, dangerous steps. I hissed into the darkness. "Do not mess with me, whoever you are!" "Bonnie?"
Oh. It was just Daniel. "Oh, and Beac I'm sorry," I said, relieved. "Whom did you expect?", He asked a little sheepishly. "No idea. Certainly not you. "
"I've kept everything in the small room, blankets, pillows, pajamas, fleece blankets and and and." "Top" "Yes, may be so, but if I'm honest ... I feel for the first time in my life. tired and exhausted, "he admitted.
"? Tired" My voice was an octave in astonishment get too high - and a loud volume. "Yes, tired."
For what I did in the next moment, I do not know if I was totally harebrained or just loving and helpful, at least I asked him: "If you like, you can sleep in my bed."
"You do not mean seriously," said Daniel puzzled. "And if I do that", I replied. He blushed and his pale skin was a bit of color.
I slid into the corner of the bed and patted my side. "Come as a team but you have to work together, no?"
Dan reluctantly laid down beside me. Where it had the type before?, I thought sarcastically. A vampire and a witch sleep together without butchering one another.
I snuggled in my blanket and sighed. Next to me was Daniel. He shivered. "Do you need a blanket?" I asked, exhausted. "Yes." As I have suggested, get up, he held me back. "I'll get myself one," he muttered, and I nodded, confused.
Within a few seconds he was back. Daniel had enough energy for the race, at least yet, and the fact calmed me down. He lay back down beside me. I stared into the darkness. After a while the vampire was asleep in my bed, breathing evenly in and out. Sometime also closed my eyes and fell asleep.
I dreamed mostly gibberish. But then the dream was a razor-sharp, so I rolled back and forth, I was only half asleep, I think.
Before Leah's doorstep again messengers were hostile, as before, except in my physical experience. But there were more.
While there were only about ten have been recently, there were now about two dozen warriors. A big, burly man with whom you should not invest rather spoke in a foreign language with them. Obedience to the troops stomped his foot, bowed his head and then bowed.
For a gnome, the man was too great for a vampire too pale, so it should really be a werewolf. Actually.
But my mind told me otherwise. Even in the dream I could feel that she could have a secret weapon ... or had one. Latest from the fight we would learn it.
Suddenly the alleged werewolf a spear thrust in the air and let out a war cry. On command, it formatted the mixed patrol and walked with upraised lances directly to Leah's house.
With a strangled cry, I woke up. I had to go up. Anyway I had to call Mom and tell her that I was all right. Grannie call, tell her I need her help. They both fetch, so they were safe. I was scared for them both.
Since my cry I was stuck in the throat, were not Leah, Daniel still awake.
Her breathing filled the hall.
Slowly, I pushed myself up and got out of bed. <<(Excerpt from Chapter 4, "The Amber Room")